Beyoncé updates her website! (13.03.2015)

Beyoncé has finally updated her website again! She posted six pictures of her in a very sexy outfit with a piece of art. I think they’re taken in her home.


Her beautiful African top is from Demestiks New York, a brand by Reuben Reuel. He sells his clothes on Etsy and uses very bold and colorful patterns.

Demestiks NY top

(I’ve got this picture from Yoncefashionpl) This top isn’t on his Etsy so I don’t have any idea how much it costs. I really love this top on her, especially with the pencil skirt beneath it. You should take a look on his website for his other designs.

Beyoncé has worn clothes by Demestiks New York before, you can check them below.

Naamloos 3

Beyoncé was also wearing a pair of €643 Christian Louboutin Duvette Pumps.


Check out the rest of the updates below.






Thank you guys for checking out my blog!


Bregke Scholten


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