Jay Z, Beyoncé and Blue Ivy enjoy Halloween parties! (30/31.10.2014)


Also this year Beyoncé dressed up for Halloween. On October 30th the Carters went to a party in the West Village section of New York. Beyoncé dressed up as Janet Jackson in her ‘Rhythm Nation’ music video and Blue Ivy got dressed up as Michael Jackson, Jay took a scary mask to the party.

Naamloos 2

YES BLUE LOOKS SO CUTE I KNOW *DYING*. I absolutely like this look on Bey! She’s wearing her €895 Giuseppe Zanotti Buckled Ankle Boots.

Naamloos 11

She’s really did her best to copy Janet’s look, she’s even wearing the same ‘key-earrings’ as Janet does! Here’s a picture of her and Blue that she posted on her Instagram:

Naamloos 13

Naamloos 4

Hey there Carters!


Now the real Halloween party! Beyoncé got dressed up as Frida Kahlo and Jay as Jean-Michel Basquiat. They went to ‘Charlie Bird’ restaurant in New York. It looks like Blue’s dressed up as a hippie.

Naamloos 15

Well their outfits do look awesome although I’d rather see Bey dressing up like catwoman.

Naamloos 4

She does look a lot like her but I think it’s the eyebrows who really make the connection. Anyways a better Frida Kahlo imitator than Beyoncé isn’t there I guess.

Naamloos 7

I don’t know where they got these ideas but at least they are extremely original. Beyoncé also took a picture with Sylvie Meis at the party:


It does look like they’ve had a fun Halloween! I can’t wait for next year!


Bregke Scholten


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